Elisabeth Lee


Elisabeth has been Head at Myton Park for 3 years, following work in several Primary Schools spanning 22 years, having had a variety of leadership roles in school of varying socio-economic profiles. Over time she has lead several subjects including Maths, Science and PE, but her real passion is SEND.

Lis completed her Masters through York University in 1998 following 2 years of Study. She researched the impact of peer marking and assessment within her own classroom practice, so developed the bug for detailed and focused reflection early on in her career.

At Myton, Lis is planning an exciting project in partnership with Thinkwell to look at the way children learn to help build the skills of determination, resilience and exploration in their learning. They are a high attaining school, but they believe by really developing a very positive attitude to lifelong learning, then the opportunities for the children and the success they could achieve are really very exciting!