Financial Incentives ITT 2019/20

There is a £26,000 tax-free bursary for all trainees with a 2:2 or higher in the following subjects: chemistry, biology, classics, computing, geography, languages and physics.

For maths trainees there is a £20,000 tax-free bursary, followed by two early-career payments of £5,000 each after tax (or £7,500 after tax if teaching in local authority areas of greatest need) in your third and fifth year of teaching.

Prestigious scholarship schemes will continue to be offered in six subjects: chemistry, computing, geography, languages, maths and physics.

Successful scholars will receive £28,000 tax-free in all subjects except maths, where scholars will receive £22,000 tax-free and the same additional early-career payments as those trainees who received a bursary.

For history trainees with a 2:2 or higher there’s an increased £12,000 tax-free bursary.

If you are a D&T trainee with a 2:2 or higher the bursary will be £12,000 tax-free. For RE and music trainees with a 2:2 or higher the bursary will be £9,000 tax-free.

The D of E continues to pilot Teachers’ Student Loan Reimbursement in biology, chemistry, computer science, languages and physics for those starting ITT in 2019/20.

Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship grant funding has been increased by £2,000 per trainee for 2019/20.

Bursaries for undergraduate ITT courses, including the Troops to Teachers bursary, are unchanged for 2019/20.

For full information on all financial incentives including scholarships, please visit Funding: initial teacher training (ITT), academic year 2019/20 and Get Into Teaching.

Scholarship Information

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